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Finger Buckle USB Charging Cigarette Lighter

Finger Buckle USB Charging Cigarette Lighter

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Disconnect the power supply in time after being fully charged,Long-time fully charged batteries are still connected to the power supply, which will affect the service life.
Do not put this product into the fire、In water or other unknown liquids
When the battery runs out of power,The indicator light of the product will flash,Please charge in time

Often use soft cotton cloth to gently wipe the surface of this product,Can maintain the gloss of the product surface.
After the metal surface is used for a period of time,There will be a decline in glossiness.,This is a normal phenomenon.
If this product is not used for a long time,It is recommended to charge once every six months. In case the battery overdischarge affects the service life.
In addition to surface damage,Its product quality problems provide half-year warranty service.


material: metal
Windproof function: no
Additional functions: collection, decoration
Applicable gift-giving occasions: opening ceremony, employee benefits, awards commemoration, anniversary celebrations, trade fairs, advertising promotions, festivals, weddings, housewarming, public relations planning, birthdays, business gifts
Color: color ice, blue ice, black ice, coffee ice, black sand

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1 x USB Charging Cigarette Lighter



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